Hello, I'm Yvette

Director of coaching

I’m proud to lead Purple Leadership Coaching, focused on increasing the representation of leaders with disabilities in senior positions. This strategic agenda is very personal to me – a sweet spot between my professional and personal successes and challenges.  I know how organisations develop their talent, I’ve done the job; I’m an experienced Exec Coach, I have many success stories to share; and I live with a disability, so understand first-hand the challenges that this can bring. My ambition is to effect significant change at the organisational level and enable future leaders with disabilities make it to the top.

I am an Executive Coach. I support leaders and future leaders to achieve their personal and professional goals

I am an expert in talent development. I’ve developed talent strategies and leadership pipelines globally throughout my career in organisations including at GSK, Canon, Nokia, Virgin Media

I bring lived experience of disability. I have my own story to tell and bring this experience to help my clients in their work.

We are an amazing team!

We focus our skills experience and energy on delivering for our clients

Caroline Dove, Purple Talent collaborator and coach 

Caroline brings her corporate experience in leadership development, talent management and coaching in financial services and consulting to the world of disability and inclusion. Lived experience allows her to get to the root of practical, confident, and impactful solutions for individuals and organisations.

She helps her clients build game changing insights and an ambitious focus through their career transitions; now coaching increasingly more NeuroDiverse and disabled people or those living with chronic health conditions.